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Java 1.16.5
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Welcome to the Rift


Our Minecraft world, community and what we have to offer is unique. Learn more about our server, community and why we feel this is a game world that you should call home! our core team are dedicated to managing and protecting our game world (and our Minecraft server) as well as on-going development and integration of new features into our website, we encourage members of the community that love designing and building content in Minecraft to join our community "game content creation" team to continually develop new features for our Survival mode players.

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We have a bunch of features on The rift heres a few below!

  • Grief protection
  • Live Map
  • Claim blocks
  • Player portals
  • Claim blocks (protect your builds)
  • PvE Gameplay, ability to toggle PvP on or off
  • Community made dungeons
& much more

Challenge your skills in Survival Mode

Use your imagination in creative

Explore the Rift with the Live Map

Play with streamers

Live on Twitch

iiCe_89 is live 9:30pm GMT you can join in with my Livestream & join our server as we build and create an incredible community made world. Be sure to follow on discord and check out the twitch channel below.